How to wax a truck-car properly

What is the most beautiful phenomenon?

Nothing beat’s Water beading down a freshly waxed surface. The secret to always reproducing this effect is by waxing on a frequent basis.The best thing you can do to ensure that the car’s paint is always in showroom condition is a proper wash followed by a proper wax see~How to wash a truck-car properlyWaxing will protect the finish, keep it from rusting, give it durability, increase the life span and of course give it that deep rich shine everybody’s looking for. This applies for brand new off the lot and for older vehicles also. In fact, waxing should be the first thing done to any brand new truck, the second you leave the dealership.


Some guide lines and tips before starting

*Prior to applying any type of wax, the surface must be clean of any contaminant, tar, grease, brake dust and residues. Prepping and washing  the vehicle properly no matter how clean it looks is the first step in achieving that beautiful looking deep shine.They say one’s twice a year is good enough but every season should be the minimum and every 2 to 3 months would be ideal.They even have spray waxes that can be applied between waxes.  Don’t forget to clean and wax in door jams also.

*Waxing should be done in cool and dry conditions, preferably away for direct sunlight and  the surface must be cool to the touch. This will prevent the wax from drying instantly and making it difficult removing once applied. It can even dull out the finish sucking it right in the paint which will result in a needing of a buff job.

*For the ultimate protection layering waxes is the way to go. Essentially your looking for the best Shine and Protection. A combination of the polymer sealant followed by a carnauba wax will give you maximum protection and a deep showroom shine!! This is done by using the polymer synthetic sealant and allowing it dry overnight 24 hours, once fully absorbed by the finish its ready to apply the Carnauba wax.”THIS IS THE ULTIMATE WAY TO WAX”

* The BEST results come from good preparation of the surface and the high quality products you choose will make all the difference.

Wax and buff


Start by Choosing a Wax: There are two main wax types 

Carnauba wax principally any wax containing Carnauba is ideal. Pure Carnauba wax is expensive but is a natural substance that will allow your paint to breath and give it a durable finish. It produce’s a glossy, deep shine finish and is often combined with other waxes to treat and waterproof the surface of any paint. Usually last 3 to 4 months depending on weather conditions.

Synthetic wax is better known as polymer paint sealant.It is the most durable out of both of them and will last 3x longer. Its also recomended by real professionals.

Spray wax is also available on the market. Its a great product to use for in between waxes. I also recommend using this in the interior of  door jams, center posts and on rims. This will ensure the entire vehicle will be waxed.



After making sure surface is clean and dry its time to start waxing. Their are two ways of applying wax.

*First start with the Detailing clay. This need’s to be used across the entire surface of the vehicle, detailing clay bar trap’s particles and contaminants leaving a fresh, smooth finish. You’ll need some clay lubricant to protect the surface,this will not work without lubrication, the clay needs to glide across the surface. Now cut up little pieces, 2.5inch by 2.5inch, take one flatten and its ready. All you have to do is clay back and forth across the entire surface, only in one direction. The first time will take some time but once its clean, the following time will be a lot faster. Well worth all the effort and at this point the truck is ready for wax or sealant.

1- By hand,the old school way. You will need a Applicator pad. On a clean surface, apply the wax a thin coat with an applicator and rub gently in a circular motion with even coats. Work one section at a time. Let dry 2 to 5 minutes. Blobbing it on must be avoided, just wasting material. Have to let the paint absorb the wax , you should have a thin even hazy film build-up. For a perfect finish polish the residue with a microfiber cloth.

Thin even haze film build=up

2-With a Orbital Polisher a more modern way but the result’s is the same as by hand. Apply (Carnauba or Synthetic wax)  on the Pad of the polisher. Work one section at a time, a minimum of 5 times at the same place is recommended to make the sealant penetrate deep in the paint. Let dry 2 to 5 minutes. For a perfect finish, you can buff with the polisher or wipe with a microfiber cloth. The machine will mimic the circular movement of the human hand and will do it roughly 3x faster. Make sure to take precaution on the rotation speed as it could damage the surface. For waxing set variable-speed dial in at low OPM. Higher speed will be for  polishing action only.

3-Removal, using a microfiber towel, fold it in four and start remove the wax. Use a circular motions to wipe off ”this is called buffing” all the residue to achieve a high gloss. Now step back and it time to admire your work!


Watch it on YouTube:How to wax a vehicle using Auto-Chem@ 2:00min

Published on Oct 29, 2014

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