The Ford F-150 Carey Price Ultimate Edition pickup is here!

Here is the Ford F-150 Carey Price Ultimate Edition pickup!

By far the most interesting hockey memorabilia out there. Oliver Ford dealerships are offering a Ford F-150 Carey Price Special Edition.The Olivier Ford dealership is offering a very limited number of the F-150 Carey Price Special Edition, with only 100 units being produced.

So here is the story. Supporter sat down with the people from Ford and they decided to mount a pickup worthy for the fan of Carey Price. They put all the gum: blue-white-red, Carey Price signature embedded in the paint (not stickers), the seats are embroidered and the plate in front is signed by hand. The car cost $ 68,000, but when you’re a fan at this point, the price does not matter.

As for Ford, it’s a solid stunt on their part to maximize their collaboration with Carey Price and the Montreal Canadiens. The pictures below are hot like bread coming out of the oven. The Ultimate Carey Price Edition is definitely a top pick-up truck for fans and truck enthusiasts.







  • 2 engraved plates numbered 1 to 100
  • A bonnet Carey Price signed
  • Customized design on 2 sides of the body
  • Tailgate including seal of authenticity
  • Embroidery on leather benches
  • Box set
  • Certificate of authenticity numbered, personalized and signed by Carey Price
  • A signed Carey Price jersey and souvenir booklet
  • High-end wheel rims starry model XD Rock Star
  • Oversized tires 305-55 R 20 Goodyear brand model Duratrack
  • High suspension of 2 and a half inches
  • Wheel arch Flesh adapted to the vehicle body


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